2020.02.15 Crown Point II

In competition, it was a hard fought day at Crown Point Saturday.  574B (3-3-0, rank 28),

574H (2-4-0, rank 43), 574A (2-4-0, rank 48) and 574G (2-4-0, rank 52) competed well in

the qualification rounds.

The 574F (4-2-0, rank 16) alliance lost to the 574C (6-0-0, rank 5) alliance in the round of 16. 

574D (6-0-0, rank 3) alliance powered through to the semifinals. 574C alliance bid for the

championship ended with a loss by two cubes.


574C put up a Skills Championship best combined skills score of 147, elevating their World
Skills Rank to 16th place out of 25,000 teams around the globe.

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