2019.12.14 Portage

574A (Allison Stookey, Andrea Mickley, and Sydni Ewing (not pictured) won the judges award at the Region Robotics Rumble in Portage Saturday, impressing the judges with their team interview skills.

Wawasee Iron Pride took it down to the wire at the Region Robotics Rumble Robotics Tournament Saturday in Portage.  The day was not a disappointment as 3 teams brought home trophies. 574F (rank 31, 2-3-1) and 574H (rank 46, 1-5-0) fought hard in the qualification rounds.  574A (rank 17, 4-2-0) was an alliance captain, choosing 1233X from Crown Point for the elimination rounds, competing together in the round of 16. 574C (rank 9, 5-1-0) drove all the way to the final match taking down 574D (rank 5, 5-1-0) in a low-scoring and highly defensive match (34-9), to win the tournament champion trophy with their alliance partner, 2567K, from Portage.  574D brought home the Robot skills trophy with a team best score of 103, ranking them 4th in the state and 27th in the world for skills. 574A brought home the judges award, impressing the judges with their team interview skills.

2019.12.07 Purdue Polytechnic Anderson


Saturday at Purdue Polytechnic Institute in Anderson was another great tournament for Wawasee’s Iron Pride Robotics Team.  All of our teams successfully advanced from qualifying to elimination rounds. 574D ended qualification rounds ranked first out of 37 teams competing, allying with 1115B from Greenfield Central for the elims. 574A (rank 27, 1-3-2) and 574H (rank 24, 2-3-1) competed in the round of 16. 574F (rank 12, 3-2-1) advanced into the quarterfinals. 574C (rank 5, 5-1-0) was made it into the semifinals. 574D (rank 1, 6-0-0) and 1115B came out on top as tournament champs for the day with a final score of 50-43.

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