2020.02.08 Plymouth

IMG_3972.JPGIt was a good day of competition at Plymouth Saturday.  574G (1-4-1, rank 46) and 574H (2-3-1, rank 36) competed well in the qualification rounds.  5 Iron Pride teams made in into the elimination bracket, with 574D (6-0-0, rank 1) choosing 574C (5-1-0, rank 4) for the first seed alliance,  574F (4-2-0, rank 14), choose 574A (2-3-1, rank 34) for the ninth seed alliance and 574B (2-4-0, rank 40) was chosen by a John Glenn team for the tenth seed alliance.  Teams 574F, 574A, and 574B fought valiantly in the round of 16 but did not advance. 574D and 574C conquered in the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, crushing the field in the finals round, winning the tournament 76-12.  574D also threw down a team best combined skills score of 132, bringing home the Robot Skills trophy and elevating their World skills rank to 25th place.

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