2020.11.20 Wawasee I

2020.11.20 Wawasee I

Wawasee reaps 3 trophies at the second tourney of the year, two Tournament Champions and one Robot Skills. All 4 Wawasee teams competed well enough to advance into elimination rounds. 574E (3-4-0, rank 14) fell in the round of 16.  574A (3-4-0, rank 12) powered on to quarter finals.  Top ranked 574C chose second place 574D for the first seed. The second seed, third place Wisconsin’s 4208B chose, fourth place Crown Point’s 1233A.  These four teams competed with evenly matched robots, ending with a 28-9 Wawasee win! 

Both 574D and 574C have qualified for State.

On Robot Skills, 574D delivered a perfect driver score of 126 combined with programing score 72 for a total of 198.  This won first place Robot Skills, placing them 3rd in the State and 20th in the World.

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