2019.12.14 Portage

574A (Allison Stookey, Andrea Mickley, and Sydni Ewing (not pictured) won the judges award at the Region Robotics Rumble in Portage Saturday, impressing the judges with their team interview skills.

Wawasee Iron Pride took it down to the wire at the Region Robotics Rumble Robotics Tournament Saturday in Portage.  The day was not a disappointment as 3 teams brought home trophies. 574F (rank 31, 2-3-1) and 574H (rank 46, 1-5-0) fought hard in the qualification rounds.  574A (rank 17, 4-2-0) was an alliance captain, choosing 1233X from Crown Point for the elimination rounds, competing together in the round of 16. 574C (rank 9, 5-1-0) drove all the way to the final match taking down 574D (rank 5, 5-1-0) in a low-scoring and highly defensive match (34-9), to win the tournament champion trophy with their alliance partner, 2567K, from Portage.  574D brought home the Robot skills trophy with a team best score of 103, ranking them 4th in the state and 27th in the world for skills. 574A brought home the judges award, impressing the judges with their team interview skills.

2019.12.07 Purdue Polytechnic Anderson


Saturday at Purdue Polytechnic Institute in Anderson was another great tournament for Wawasee’s Iron Pride Robotics Team.  All of our teams successfully advanced from qualifying to elimination rounds. 574D ended qualification rounds ranked first out of 37 teams competing, allying with 1115B from Greenfield Central for the elims. 574A (rank 27, 1-3-2) and 574H (rank 24, 2-3-1) competed in the round of 16. 574F (rank 12, 3-2-1) advanced into the quarterfinals. 574C (rank 5, 5-1-0) was made it into the semifinals. 574D (rank 1, 6-0-0) and 1115B came out on top as tournament champs for the day with a final score of 50-43.

2019.11.23 Wawasee 1

Wawasee Robotics Wins Tourney & Skills Championship

SYRACUSE, IN – Saturday November 23rd, Syracuse Elementary School

Team 574C & 574D earned the Tourney Championship trophy, each finishing qualifying rounds at 7-0-0.

Team 574C Robot Skills Champion with a team best 85.

The Iron Pride had a great tournament on our home turf @ Syracuse Elementary School Saturday. All of our teams competed successfully in the qualification rounds and made it into elimination rounds! 574G (4-2-1, rank 10), 574A (4-3-0, rank 15), and 574H (3-4-0, rank 24) made it into the round of 16. 574F (2-4-1, rank 27) , fifteenth seed, upset the number 2 seed in the round of 16, advancing to the quarterfinals. 

574C (7-0-0, rank 1) and 574D (7-0-0, rank 2) both went undefeated for the day, allying together for the elims, roaring into the final round and coming out on top, winning the tournament with a final score of 75 to 17.

Way to go volunteers for pulling off an 85 team event!  The Iron Pride partnered with the Riverside Intermediate Vex IQ teams from Plymouth to host a double division event.  45 Vex IQ teams competed on one side of the gymnasium while 40 Vex VRC teams competed on the other.  

Team Results:

  • 574C Centurion ~ Tourney Champion, 1st place qualifier, Robot Skills Champion, 4th in State in Skills ~ Evan Rassi, Taylor Fiedeke, Evan Brower
  • 574D Immortal ~ Tourney Champion, 2nd place qualifier, 3rd Robot Skills, 10th in State in Skills~ Noah Beckner, Jack Collins, Wesley Hays, Nathan Smith
  • 574G Iron Knight ~ 10th place qualifier ~ Harry Doss
  • 574A Amazon ~ 15th place qualifier, 14th Robot Skills ~ Andrea Mickley, Allison Stookey, Sydni Ewing
  • 574H Samurai (Middle School) ~ 24th place qualifier, 21st Robot Skills ~ Charlie Krull, Michael Wippel, Alan Warren
  • 574F Barbarian ~ 27th place qualifier ~ Vanessa Wright, Jackson Coverstone, Bailey Smith


  • All teams made it into eliminations
  • 574D – First undefeated tourney (7-0-0)
  • 574H – Middle school team 574H, out performed 16 High School teams
  • 574C – 85 Skills score. Taking the trophy.
  • 574A – First time ever, finished high enough to be in alliance selection
  • 574F – 15th seed BEAT 2nd seed, pulling off a spectacular upset to advance to the quarter finals
  • 574G – Top 10 finish

Wawasee’s Roster:

  • 574A Amazon ~ Andrea Mickley, Allison Stookey, Sydni Ewing
  • 574C Centurion ~ Evan Rassi, Taylor Fiedeke, Evan Brower
  • 574D Immortal ~ Noah Beckner, Jack Collins, Wesley Hays, Nathan Smith
  • 574F Barbarian ~ Vanessa Wright, Jackson Coverstone, Bailey Smith
  • 574G Iron Knight ~ Harry Doss
  • 574H Samurai (Middle School) ~ Charlie Krull, Michael Wippel, Alan Warren

Wawasee’s Trophy Count this season – 7

Wawasee 1 robotics tournament 11/23/19

Come watch high school, middle school, and elementary school robotics teams from around the state compete head to head for a spot in the VEX Robotics Indiana State Championships. The Iron Pride Fall Qualifier is Saturday, November 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Syracuse Elementary School. In the VRC division high school and middle school robotics teams from around the state face each other in 2 vs 2 matches in an action packed competition called Tower Takeover. In the IQ division elementary and middle school teams two robots compete as an alliance in 60-second long teamwork challenge matches, working collaboratively to score points. The public is invited to see this exciting competition. No charge for admission.

contact ironpriderobotics@wawasee.k12.in.us

2019.11.8-9 Speedway Tower Takeover 2019

Speedway Tower Takeover 2019 was a great experience for the Wawasee Iron Pride Robotics Team. Teams spent 2 days competing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with 55 teams from 7 states and Canada. Teams 574A (3-7), 574G (2-8), and 574H (3-6-1,) represented the Iron Pride well in the qualification rounds. 574D was chosen by 7701X from Zionsville and 574C chose 574F to ally and compete in the elimination rounds. All four of those teams faced off in the round of 16 in a hotly contested sea of green with 574C and 574F coming out on top.Teams C and F battled their way through the quarterfinals and went down by a narrow margin of one scoring object in the semifinals. Team 574D finished out their day by bringing home the Build Award, an award given to a team that has built a well-crafted and constructed robot that also shows a clear dedication to safety and attention to detail. Great job this weekend, Iron Pride! WE ARE GROOT!

2019.11.02 Crown Point

Saturday was a great kickoff for the 2019-2020 Tower Takeover season for Iron Pride Robotics. Twenty four teams from around the state competed at Crown Point. All six of our teams were ranked in the top half of the field for alliance selection. All six teams made it into the quarterfinals. 574A and 574G made it through the round of 16 into the quarterfinals and 574H made it into the semifinals. 574C, 574D, and 574F all made it into the finals match with C and D coming out on top with a score of 33 to 5. Way to go, Iron Pride! WE ARE GROOT!IMG_2938

2019.03.09 Indiana State Tournament

IMG_0587 (1).jpg

2019 INDIANA STATE CHAMPIONS!!! 574C Centurion

Micah Rassi, Evan Rassi, Nick Murphy, Joe Kelsheimer


2019 Tournament Finalists 574D Immortal

Nathan Smith, Noah Beckner, Wesley Hays, Jack Collins, Cory Dunivan

IMG_0526 (1).jpg

2019 State Judges Award – 574J Xerxes

Ethan Hays

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