2020.01.31-02.01 Night at the Museum

Wawasee Iron Pride robotics traveled 1,322 miles round trip to compete at the Vex Night at the Museum Signature Event in Chantilly, VA January 31-February 1. No team escaped the qualification rounds unscathed with an undefeated record, a truetestament to the level of competition present. 574D finished their qualification rounds with a record of 6-3-0 and a rank of 16, earning them a 14th seed spot in elims. 574C finished their qualification rounds with a record of 5-4-0 and a rank of 26, securing an11th seed spot.

574C defeated the sixth seeded alliance in the round of 16 with 574D successfully dispatching the third seeded alliance.  In the quarterfinals, both teams were pitted against each other. 574C came out on top, winning 55-37. 574C then advanced into the semifinal rounds where they lost the match because their alliance partners were disqualified due to a rules violation. 

Way to represent Indiana, Iron Pride!


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