2020.01.25 Zionsville

Wawasee had a good showing at Zionsville High School on Saturday. 574H and 574G finished the qualification rounds at 2-4-0 and 0-5-1, respectively. Four teams advanced to the elimination rounds. 574B (rank 24, 3-3-0) and 574F (rank 21, 4-2,0) fought hard in the round of 16.  574A (rank 7, 5-1-0) was an alliance captain, choosing 2567K (rank 9) and charged to the quarter finals.  All four teams in the finals match faceoff were undefeated up to that point, winning every one of their nine matches of the day. 7701X Xenith (rank 3) chose 574C (rank 5), setting off a clash against the worlds qualified titans, 6842Z (rank 1)  and 7701T (rank 2). 574C finished the day as Tournament Finalists.

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